DIZITALEDU Transforming
how we manage educational/institutional

Our Story

The world is moving to digitalization, most of the business still running business on paperwork and non-cost-efficient infrastructure as technology is changing rapidly and coping with upgrades along with emerging technologies is critical and hard. Our cloud-based solution provides answers for all these issues.
After a lot of analysis and observation, working along with industry SME’s. We have designed the solution to fit not only schools but also any educational institution of any size. Dizitaledu helps manage, transform-education & learning.

Dizitaledu is one of our innovative products, HEVINSOFT was formed in the year 2001 we provide IT solutions by consulting and by providing Business Process Outsourcing Solutions. We have been in this expert business activity for the last 18 years. The gamut of services extends from Enterprise Application Services to cloud based solutions. Our IT services team work with Businesses to analyze, design, develop, deploy and maintain their IT infrastructure by bringing with us the brightest minds.

Meet the team

Rajeev Francis
Founder & CEO
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Satyanarayana Kolli
Director of Information Technology
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Chief Operations Officer- Global

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