DIZITALEDU Administration
provides E2E solution to
deliver education & Manage operations
in an efficient manner

Real time access to data and reports enable business to make quick and informed decisions for
successful delivery of programs.

 Anywhere, Any Device

 Live Analytical Reports


 Cloud Based Solution

16 Key modules for successful Administration Management

School Profiling

Group (Branch) Profiling, Geographical Setup, Custom School Hours etc.

Staff Management

Management Setup | Department Mgmt | Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff Mgmt | Staff Directory.

Student Profiling

Complete Profile of the student provides information end to end.

Student Master

Profile Creation Wizard | Vaccination Details | Student Bulk Load Options | Student Status | Account Reset etc.

Attendance Management

Teaching & Non- teaching Staff Attendance | Student Attendance | Attendance Report Display etc.

Scheduling Master

School Hours Scheduling | School/Institutional Holidays | Teacher Allocation & Re Allocation etc.

library Management

Librarian Profiling | Books management | Student & Staff Member Creation etc.

Receptionist Management

Secure Digital Check-In and Check-Out | Notice Boards | Visitors List | Staff Directory | Timetable etc.

Leave Management

Leave Categorization | Org Level Leave Set Up | Leave Management etc.

Transport Management

Session based scheduling & Routing, GPS Tracking, Driver Management, Geo Fencing Alerts.

Event Management

Event Creation | Event Display | Bulk SMS Notification important Events etc.

Service Tickets Module

Support Ticket Module | Ticket Status | Integrated Ticket Services | Functional and Technical Support etc.

Notice Board Module

Notice Board Management | Customized Portal Selection for Display | Publish Duration etc.

Parent Feedback Module

Feedback Form | Anytime Access | Department wise submission for segmented quick resolution.

Attendance Reports

Live Analytical Attendance Report | Granular Report for Decision Making etc.

Immunization Management

Vaccination Report by Class | Vaccination Alert Process and more.

DIZITALEDU Cloud based school & institution Software Solution

Central solution for increased collaboration and success

Our solution provides E2E administrative solution to run the business with cost efficient and delivery excellence. DIZITALEDU solution provides Business Intelligent Insights, Multivariate Analysis and helps in Predictive Analysis assisting the executives and business managers access the reports and dashboards from remote places or when traveling to make a smart and quick decisions. All our modules are highly customizable for better tailor the customer needs. Business anticipating and decision guidance modules help organizations to quickly change and adapt what’s required. Click our demo button to find out more …

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