At DIZITALEDU Live Analytics
Reporting provides information for
quick decision making and provides
report for predictive analysis.

Our smart solution provides information for management and staff to significantly make smart decision quickly.
Segmented and unique dashboards depending on roles for focused visibility. Live data reports
helps to streamlining processes and improving efficiency etc.

Benefits of Live Analytics & Reporting a quick glance

    • Our focused reports provide increased understanding of risks and opportunities.
    • Live data reports help in emphasizing the link between financial and non-financial performance.
    • Provides analytical report for long term management strategy policy, and business plans.
    • Comparing performance internally, and between organizations in the group etc.

15 Key modules for successful Live Analytics Reporting

Cumulative Student Attendance Report

Group (Branch) Report | Slice and Dice report by Time/Class/Individual etc.

Cumulative Teacher Attendance Report

Group (Branch) Report | Slice and Dice report by Time & Individual etc.

Cumulative Staff (Non Teaching) Attendance Report

Group (Branch) Report | Slice and Dice report by Time & Individual etc.

Gender Spread Report

Gender % per Group (Branch) | Per School etc.

Student Demographical Analysis Report

% Students by Location etc.

Service Tickets Analysis Report

Tickets Raised Vs Closed | Performance etc.

Student Transport Routes Analysis Report

Total Drivers | Total Buses | Route | Stops etc.

Events Report

Complete Events and other details.

Notice Board Report

Notice Board Per Dates | Digital Report for end of year holistic information etc.

Holidays List Report

Custom Configuration | Mapping etc.

Cumulative Students in Transport Report

Total Students by Route | By Bus etc.

External Visitors Report

Visitor Details | Check In – Out time etc.

Total Revenue


Revenue Actuals

Live Up to date Actuals etc..

Pending Dues Status Report

Group Wise/ School Wise / individual Pending Revenue Report.

Individual/Multi Student Attendance Report

Individual/ Custom Select Attendance Report etc.

Student Performance Report

Student Performance by Exams etc.

Rank Report

Provide Performance details..

Subject Wise Performance in Exams Report

Analytical View of Student Performance etc..

Overall Performance Report


Learning & Home Work Overview

Homework Status etc..

SMS Platform

SMS Alerts for Attendance | Notifications | Group Alerts etc..

GPS Solution

Bus Arrival Alerts | Emergency Notifications etc..

Data into Intelligence

With connections to multiple modules and constantly growing data our smart data analytics report helps you to accumulate deep insights for a broad range of business scenarios…

Cloud Solution

Quicker Deployment | Scalability | Reliability | Data Security etc

Anywhere Any Device

Live Reports, Compatible with any device.

Interactive Dashboards

Multiple Visualization Styles etc..

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