Binding helps for quick
response for health conditions

Our robust solution helps capture student health pre-condition and link them to their medical doctors contact…

Medical Binding
module which helps organizations for quick response for medical conditions

Our student enrollment process has integrated medical module where it collects the pre-condition of the student and captures the doctor & hospital details along with their Record ID to quickly identify- to take the first call. It also captures the blood group and any allergies for detailed info and much much more… please click the request demo option to have a live demo.

3 Key modules for successful Medical Binding

Quick Medical Support

Student Hospital Details | Family Doctor Contact | Hospital Record ID Integration etc.

Medical Information

Precondition Capture | Allergies Capture | Record Sick Comments etc.

Health Status

Provides Captured Info on the student health | Sick Leaves Taken with comments etc.

Training & Support on the modules at DIZITALEDU

Our Functional and technical support team provides support through virtual/call process. Advanced help menu also provides adequate information to work on the module.

Data Capture Wizard

The capturing process is streamlined at the initial profiling instance, making sure the medical data is collected at the initial phase.

Data Accessibility ABCD

Medical data of student is available to Receptionist/School Admin and across all the staff members.

ABCDSolutionABCD sddff

Our solutions provides live data and can be accessed from any device, any where.

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