At DIZITALEDU Parents Portal provide
complete engagement and
visibility of student activity.

Our Solution provides visibility of students progress and enables connectivity
to teachers and school for up to date information.

DIZITALEDU Parent Portal provides central location for student information

Our parent web portal provides valuable information shared by the teachers, administration. This information is through live analytics and data sharing. The portal provides snap shot of the student’s performance, attendance, rank, score cards, holiday lists, homework, events etc. The portal manages complex reporting for multiple students in one account. Our cloud solution provides access anywhere anytime with access to internet. Our AMS (Alert Management System) is integrated with SMS solutions for alerting parents on any important info like attendance and school group information sharing.

DIZITALEDU SMART system and algorithms provide cutting edge technological solution for great user experience

Our advanced algorithms provide graphical reports on where the student is lacking, and the progress charts allows the parents to see where the student requires additional help. Using our portal feedback option can provide the request to the teacher or administration with any kind of request for a quick collaborative attention and guidance. Our advanced GPS solution provides the transport information and alerts to parents on transport arrival and know where info as needed. Our smart library system also provide information on due items and inform parents on it and much much more…..


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Parent Engagement – Live & Interactive

sMyLive Performance  | Learning Assistance | Alerts.

sMy Observation | Binding | Overall Status.

         Transportation  Tracking Module
sMyGPS | Geo Fencing Alerts | Logs.

sMyGeneral  | Administration  | Knowledge Enhancement.

sMyLive  | Periodical | Custom.

          and more…

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