Management made easy

Flexible, Secure & Efficient pre-school and childcare management software solution.

Pre-School & Childcare Management made easy by DIZITALEDU Software Solution.

Providing cutting edge solution for complete business management starting from profiling to manage.

Our solution has very strong secure process of check in & check out of kids integrated with SMS platform and GPS solution. Cloud based solution provides the flexibility to login anywhere, any device which gives  mobility to the users. Also provide live analytical reporting for better decision making and more…

Our Software Solution is developed with Emerging Technologies providing Technological advantage allowing you to focus on core business.

Our solution provides cost efficient, easy access to information anywhere-any device, quick deployment, backup-recovery, scalable and flexible features etc, allowing you to focus on core business.

We also provide hardware solutions for your business and integrate to DIZITALEDU software. As HEVINSOFT is a Microsoft Partner, we provide complete, integrated solutions designed for small business even freeing you from on premise operations applications & hardware. Reach out to our technical experts for complete change over.

Your child’s live analytics & communication

         Performance Reports
sMyLive statistical reports | Graphical analysis | Learning assistance.

          Digital Homework
sMyHomework allocations | Deadline & Actual Reports | LMS.

          Digital Check-in & Check-out
sMySecure Check-in/out process | Live logs | Alert Management System.

          Live Updates
sMyAnalytics & Visualization | Real-time data integration | Smart decisions.

          SMS Alerts
sMyAMS | Attendance/Emergency notifications | Notices & Reports.

          and more…


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Our Support Management system provides Robust solution for efficient engagement

Integrated customer support, optimized processes for easy resolutions to issues. Helping the customers to resolve in time-making sure your pain points are addressed.

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